Bruce John Riddell – Master Landscape Architect

Over the years we have had the pleasure of photographing what are in our opinion the most beautiful gardens in Maine. The genius and talent of Master Landscape Architect Bruce John Riddell are apparent when you look at these images of his wonderful zen inspired garden designs.

To see more of Bruce’s beautiful garden creations be sure to visit his website.   Photography by William Brehm – Riverside Studio Photography. Garden Design by Bruce John Riddell.

We will be featuring more of Bruce’s Garden’s in future posts.

3 Responses to “Bruce John Riddell – Master Landscape Architect”

  1. Bruce John Riddell Says:

    Kudos to Billy Brehm-my friend and photographer–aka “The Zenlenz of Downeast Maine”. The success of my business LANDART would not be the same without Billy’s artistic eye and uncanny abilty to capture the essence of my gardens in their precise –fleeting moment of bloom. Each image preserves the integrity, energy and soul of my gardens for future generations. Frame the view — capture the light.

    Bruce John Riddell Landscape Architect

    • …. and visit the site often, capturing the essence of the place in the minds eye, the combination of the season, the light, the dew … !

  2. walter goza Says:

    bruce, i saw you recently on garden smart with joe lampl coming from maine coastal. i was very impressed. at the same time i had a chance to see bill cullina two very smart people with beautiful gardens. i could tell all the hard work that was put into your gardens.

    thank you for being on garden smart with joe and i hope to see you in the future.

    walter goza.

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