Perry’s Nut House New Souvenir Brochure

This past year we had the opportunity to work with the good folks at Perry’s Nut House to help them create a new souvenir brochure. Photographer William Brehm was called upon by Graphic designer Ross Cottrell of Cottrell Designs to photograph the entire location of Perry’s in Belfast. Everything from families having fun at the fudge counter to the collection of taxidermy was part of this photo shoot. Excerpts of the finished brochure appear below.

Vist Perry’s online and when in Belfast make sure you stop and visit the Nut House but be warned, once you have tasted some of the delicious fudge and assorted other goodies you may become addicted. Creating the images used in this project was only the beginning of the creation process. Ross Cotrell did a fabulous job putting this brochure together. He is one of the finest graphic designers we have ever worked with. If you would like to discuss your next print design project with him, he can be reached at 207-567-4228.

One Response to “Perry’s Nut House New Souvenir Brochure”

  1. Wow. I love the Maine photography (nature especially) and can see your very wide range of talent and expertise. (Yes, a picture’s worth a thousand words – or maybe more, online!) This looks like a fun project, done brilliantly… and hmm, something about “Nuthouses” is compelling too.

    Lovely work, and nice web space too. Making the Internet beautiful! 🙂

    Regards from Broadway!

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